I specialize in using talent discovery tools to help companies identify strengths within their current salespeople and potential candidates.  I am also the person responsible for taking this information and directing an overall course of action that leads to success for our customers.

Director Photo

  •     Derrick Moe

I don’t have ALL the answers, but I do know how to connect with people and resources to get the answers needed to solve problems. Listening, sharing knowledge, improving working relationships, and helping our customers succeed in the information economy is my primary role.

Connector Photo

  •      Patrice Walsh

I have a wide variety of sales experiences that have proven valuable in both sales management roles and also within the companies I helped found. A proven, yet flexible set of tools, processes and a disruptive approach to selling and managing sales organizations may just be what you need to turn corners and face sales challenges.

Disruptor Photo (3)

  •      Mike Cardinal

I help companies collect their group knowledge, consolidate their training materials, and prioritize their sales information.  The aggregated information becomes the backbone of their “virtual town square.”  This cutting-edge approach to training allows our customers to leverage technology to develop their geographically-dispersed sales team. 

Aggregator Photo

  •      Bruce Maher